Open Letter from Club President – AGM 2017

  • 20/06/2017

Dear players, committee members, supporters and friends,
On Thursday the 20th of July we will hold our AGM and we need a quorum (enough people to hold a meeting) to ratify the financial statement and to elect new committee members. If you wish the club to grow and continue to be successful, you need to attend.
Arguably, we have the best facilities in Victorian Rugby and we have some excellent coaches, managers and players but our committee is very small and we are relying on too few people to run the club. It is simply not sustainable and we need more to contribute, otherwise the club will not prosper.
On the field, our Colts and Women’s teams give me the hope that we will become a strong senior Club again and the juniors again show great promise. However, all this on field success will be for nothing if we cannot support them with a strong committee.
To use and abuse the words of a famous American President, “ask not what the Club can do for you, ask what you can do for the Club.” If we don’t get the numbers for a strong committee I have grave fears for the future. It is time to rally around and support the Club to help make it stronger and to ensure we grow and there is a place for rugby in the north.
If you don’t think you can contribute you are mistaken. No matter your age or your expertise (skills) you can offer something. Support in the canteen or property managing are two things that come to mind. These jobs are very important and we need someone to apply for the role of secretary in particular. Our current secretary, Natalie Coward is standing down from the committee and we need volunteers to take over the many roles she performed so admirably over the past three years.
I might add here, all current positions are up for election. I implore you to volunteer because if you don’t our Club cannot survive.

Yours Sincerely,

Grant Wason
Club President